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Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist, Bobby Weir, joined Billy Strings for a short acoustic set and then the entirety of the second set with the full band. The entire second set was Grateful Dead covers. Billy noted, they had never done this before. Bobby replied, "I have!"

Set 1
1. The Fire On My Tongue
2. Must Be Seven
3. Likes Of Me
4. A Good Woman's Love
5. Thirst Mutilator
6. Dust In A Baggie
7. Fire Line
8. Reuben's Train
9. In The Morning Light
10. Know It All
11. Meet Me At The Creek
Set 2
1. Wake Up Little Susie
2. Dire Wolf
3. Cassidy
4. China Doll
5. Help On The Way
6. Slipknot!
7. Franklin's Tower
8. Wharf Rat
9. Bird Song
10. To Lay Me Down
11. Tennessee Jed
1. Brokedown Palace

1. Billy Strings and Bob Weir (BW) duo, both on acoustic guitar
2. BS, BW vocals
3. FTP
4. Billy Strings and Bob Weir duo, Bob Weir on electric guitar
5. BS vocals
6. With Bob Weir on electric guitar
7. BW vocals
8. Bob Weir switched to acoustic guitar mid-jam

Band Lineup
Billy Strings
  • guitar, lead vocals
Billy Failing
  • banjo, vocals
Royal Masat
  • bass, vocals
Jarrod Walker
  • mandolin, vocals

Live Recordings

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