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Band intro by Matt Robertson. First set included mandolinist Ronnie McCoury joining the band for three songs mid set. Bass guitarist Les Claypool joined the band and closed the first set with three songs, including two Primus originals. Second set included guitarist Bob Weir for three songs mid set. Mandolinist Marty Stuart for two songs late in the set. All-star encore around a single mic had Marty Stuart and Ronnie McCoury rejoining the band for the first song and Bob Weir joined them all for the last song of the show.

Set 1
1. Secrets
2. This Old World
3. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
4. Black Mountain Rag
5. Love & Regret
6. Close By
7. Foggy Mountain Top
8. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
9. Highway Hypnosis
10. Dusty Miller
11. John Deere Tractor
12. Pretty Daughter
13. Over the Falls
14. John the Fisherman
15. All Fall Down
Set 2
1. Taking Water
2. End Of The Rainbow
3. Rank Stranger
4. Mama Tried
5. Dark Star
6. Samson & Delilah
7. Home
8. John Henry
9. Old Mexico
10. Airmail Special
11. Hide & Seek
1. Raw Hide
2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

1. With Ronnie McCoury (RM) on mandolin
2. With Les Claypool (LC) on bass guitar
3. LC vocals
4. FTP (Primus)
5. With Bob Weir (BW) on electric guitar
6. BW vocals
7. Feel Like a Stranger tease
8. With Marty Stuart (MS) on mandolin
9. BS, MS vocals
10. MS vocals
11. Playin' in the Band tease
12. Ronnie McCoury and Marty Stuart on mandolin
13. Single mic
14. Ronnie McCoury and Marty Stuart on mandolin, Bob Weir on acoustic guitar
15. Band with RM, MS, BW on vocals

Band Lineup
Billy Strings
  • guitar, lead vocals
Billy Failing
  • banjo, vocals
Royal Masat
  • bass, vocals
Jarrod Walker
  • mandolin, vocals

Live Recordings

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