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Additional notes: Led by Billy, the band got down on their knees and “proposed” to Alex Hargreaves, asking him to join the band. They proceeded to then play “A Good Woman's Love” as the newly-formed five piece.

Set 1
1. Meet Me At The Creek
2. Secrets
3. Taking Water >
4. Thirst Mutilator
5. Love & Regret
6. Heartbeat Of America
7. Rank Stranger
8. Whisper My Name
9. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
10. Today
11. Wargasm
Set 2
1. Know It All >
2. Ole Slewfoot
3. Life To Go
4. Away From The Mire
5. Long Forgotten Dream
6. A Good Woman's Love
7. Turmoil & Tinfoil
8. Tennessee

1. Before song started band gets down on their knees to ask Alex Hargreaves to join the band.
2. Inspector Gadget jam

Band Lineup
Billy Strings
  • guitar, lead vocals
Billy Failing
  • banjo, vocals
Royal Masat
  • bass, vocals
Jarrod Walker
  • mandolin, vocals
Alex Hargreaves
  • Fiddle

Live Recordings