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Billy Strings came out and informed the crowd Royal Masat had a family emergency, and the show would be slightly different tonight. He started the set solo. Jarrod Walker joined him next for a couple songs before Billy Failing and Alex Hargreaves joined them on stage. Before the last song of the set, Billy asked the crowd if anyone played bass and Paisley Gray joined the band from the crowd to play New River Train. The second set started with Billy Strings solo on the clawhammer banjo. The band rejoined him after a few songs and brought Joe Funk from the Kitchen Dwellers with them to play upright bass and fill in for Royal. Before playing There Is A Time Billy asked the crowd to send love to Royal and his family. Before Pretty Daughter, Max Davies and Torrin Daniels also joined the band and Joe Funk for the rest of the set. The only Billy Strings original song played tonight was Ol' Rickard.

Set 1
1. Brown's Ferry Blues
2. Groundhog
3. Give The Fiddler A Dram >
4. Whistling Rufus >
5. Ragtime Annie
6. Beaumont Rag >
7. Black Mountain Rag
8. Walk On Boy
9. Salt Creek
10. Nashville Blues
11. Soldier's Joy
12. Kentucky Waltz
13. Wild Bill Jones
14. Bound To Ride
15. I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When
16. Manzanita
17. Maggie Walker Blues
18. New River Train
Set 2
1. The Cuckoo
2. Ol' Rickard
3. Crawdad Hole
4. Cocaine Blues
5. Rocky Raccoon
6. And Am I Born To Die?
7. Sitting On Top Of The World
8. Big Mon
9. There Is A Time
10. Katy Daley
11. Pretty Daughter
12. Covered Bridges
13. Reuben's Train
14. Tombstone Blues
15. Whitewater
16. Little Maggie

1. Billy Strings solo on guitar
2. Billy Strings on guitar, Jarrod Walker on mandolin
3. Instrument switch up- Billy Strings on mandolin, Jarrod Walker on guitar
4. Full band (without Royal Masat)
5. Full Band (without Royal Masat) and Paisley Gray on bass
6. Billy Strings solo on clawhammer banjo
7. Billy Strings solo, a cappella
8. Full band with Joe Funk from the Kitchen Dwellers on bass
9. Full band with Joe Funk, Max Davies, and Torrin Daniels from the Kitchen Dwellers
10. Billy Strings and Torrin Daniels on vocals
11. Full band with Joe Funk, Max Davies, and Torrin Daniels from the Kitchen Dwellers
12. Torrin Daniels on vocals
13. FTP
14. Max Davies on vocals

Band Lineup
Billy Strings
  • guitar, lead vocals
Billy Failing
  • banjo, vocals
Alex Hargreaves
  • Fiddle
Royal Masat
  • bass, vocals
Jarrod Walker
  • mandolin, vocals

Live Recordings

Show Poster by Twin Home Prints - 18x24 - Show Edition/300; AP/50

Show Poster by Twin Home Prints - 18x24 - Show edition foil variant /30; AP foil /10.