Would you listen when the wind decides to whisper English fate?
Will you heed the words within the winds that whisper “it’s too late”?
Will you see the reasons falling from the sky?
Or the locusts screaming madly as you turn around and die?
Could you recognize some message to relate

Have you felt the atmospheric friction churning up above
All the traits and the descriptions seem to fit just like a glove
Can you see us scratching backwards through the seams
Crawling circles on our backs with our dumbfounded expertise
Just the thought of this is riddled with disease

Can you see her moving slowly to the rhythm of the song?
Would you like to tag along with us?
I know it won’t be long
Could she take us back to somewhere you desire?
Could she lead us to the doorway?
Would you sit down by the fire and
Would your eyes be sealed with love instead of hate?

Can you hear the empty chambers of your head begin to spin,
Leaving nothing but a cavity for all the living skin?
Would you settle for the empty space within
Or just kick and scream for something else to carry your thoughts in
One foot before the other, let’s begin

Have you grown without a doubt or have you always wondered why?
Does this morning rush intrusively to flash your waking eyes
Do you take it in or leave it as it lay?
Would you give a nod to life before returning to the clay?
Could you think about tomorrow like today?

Her eyes are open
She’s always hoping
We can turn this old familiar nightmare into a song
The sun keeps burning
The world keeps turning
She’s reaching out and teaching love until the doubt is gone
Do you listen for the echo of your long forgotten dream?
You should listen for the echo of your long forgotten dream.