William Apostol

Song Information

Debuted at the Anthem, Washington D.C. 11-19-2022


Well I woke up this mornin' bout a quarter past four Grabbed my cap and bag, and slipped out the door Hooked up my Tracker to the U-Haul hitch Went and picked up Vince, and we headed out to peep the sitch Figure we'd try to get into some Smallies in the clear water Prayin' there wasn't nothin' to get snagged up on So we're cruisin' somewhere near Livingston Had some herb in my bowl and I lit it again I was jabbered in the jaw, and crimson in the eye On the way to Dale Hollow I was floatin' like a butterfly Then I got stung by a bee Had to squeeze the mustard, Uncle Vinnie said "wow" Then I saw the lights flashin', my heart sank down And the man strolled up with a real nice lean And I rolled down my window and he smelled my weed He said, "I'm Officer Looper, the Tennessee State Trooper, and I'll take your license" "And your registration" "And your grass" I guess it was only a matter of time He said, "Where you headed?" I said, "To catch some Bass" He said, "Step on out, under my magnifying glass" He made me watch his fingers and touch my nose Then he made me count to thirty but then he let me go Made my day I reckon it was a little "Catch and Release" So that there's my story and I want you to know If you're gonna go fishin' you better take 'er slow Better look both ways and keep her in line Let this be a lesson to you and your partners in crime Always watch your six and nine Don't roll through the stop sign You don't always need to make the verses rhyme Don't be mixing liquor with your wine If you feel so inclined keep me in mind And by the way, only break one law at a time