Well I was walking down the street just the other day
I had a double-headed nickel and a bill to pay
There was bubblegum a’blistered on the hot cement
And I was waiting like patience on a monument
Well I rolled a little spliff and tightened up my shoes
And I went to the corner where I lit the fuse
Disgusted by the loneliness I couldn’t lose
I sat and wrote a little verse to the ‘rona blues

I said I always wanna do the things I used to do
But everybody got a job and works enough for two
We could have a little party at the end of the day
But everybody had a family and moved away
So I’m sitting with a paper soakin’ on my tongue
And feeling better than I did back when I was young
Now I’m seeing music that nobody else can see
With all the colors like a symphony surrounding me